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Don’t Panic

Courtesy of 127001 at TickerForum [emphasis mine]


Here’s the truth. the system has been broken for decades. everyone knew that on some level. now it’s known on a larger level. the system was broken in the 90’s, was broken in the 80’s, was broken in the 70’s, etc. had you feared collapse just because the system was broken – you missed out on alot of good times in life.

Just because it is broken doesn’t mean a collapse is imminent. And even if it were, go think about some countries that have "collapsed". In fact, take a look at Argentina – all out debt collapse in 2001. they had rioters and protestors in the streets, they had decades of corruption and banking interest involved in their politics. They exported all the wealth of the nation and privatized everything, they sold the productive assets and major farms to overseas investors, then they made whatever laws those investors asked for. In short they are ten years ahead of us.

Or Mexico economic collapse, talk about a cluster of corruption crime and destruction of middle class. Pick your example of any other "collapse" that you fear – there are plenty of them available. Iceland from 2008 is another example, Malaysia is another, USSR, Japan, etc, etc.

The, here’s the fun part. Go book a weeklong vacation at one of those places. Go spend a week in the sun on the beaches of Buenos Aries – Mar del Plata is nice. Or spend a long weekend in Cozumel at one of the resorts. Go visit these crashed economies you are afraid of.

What you’ll find.
1) life goes on. there is no mad max world out there. there is different classes of people, the same you will see TODAY in any city. There are ravaged poor and filthy rich. Most people are somewhere in the middle.
2) Making good choices lead to better lifestyles.

Tell your kids to stay off the drugs pay attention in school and get good jobs. They are going to want to live in the civilized side of the world, not just because it is a nicer life but because trailer parks and government housing sucks. It sucks in Detroit, it sucks in Little Rock Arkansas, and it sucks in Matamoros and Juarez.

Don’t panic, but don’t make bad choices either. Just do the simple things and get your life in control. Debt makes you a slave, observe the natural order of things and be 1 step ahead of those around you. That’s it.


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“The inflation-adjusted income of the median household—smack in the middle of the populace—fell 4.8% between 2000 and 2009, even worse than the 1970s, when median income rose 1.9% despite high unemployment and inflation. Between 2007 and 2009, incomes fell 4.2%.

"It’s going to be a long, hard slog back to what most Americans think of as normalcy or prosperous times," said Nicholas Eberstadt, a political economist at the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute.”

Maybe we’re focusing on the wrong metric.

A frequent contributor (Sandor) to the Ticker Forum sums it up:

10 years ago I:

– Had a 2300 sq/ft rancher in a nice community.
– 1987 Baja 250 Force boat
– 2001 Audi A4
– 73 MGB
– 1997 F-150 "Off Road"
– 137K /year income

Today, I have:

– 936 sq/ft rancher. (Bail pad)
– 2004 Silverado Z71
– Golf cart
– A f***n scooter
– 2007 18′ MayCraft boat
– Make 20 bucks an hour part time. No bills, and cash.

I AM WAY HAPPIER NOW! I have come to the realization that I had the opportunity to live during the most prosperous times most will ever see. BTW, the fall garden looks great!

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Maya on Attitude

"If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain." — Maya Angelou

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I swore that I would never put an animated gif on my site. But this is too awesome.

Coming this season on “The Amazing Race”, Sunday nights on CBS:

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(From Tracie)

It’s a good day. Kelty has had to run four laps around the house twice. Tate had to run 7 the first time (she argued) and is up to 8 this time.

They’re a little wild today, she keeps allowing Kelty to chase her around the house while she shrieks.

Tate is about to break. It will be interesting to see if she pulls herself back together. It is so funny to me that when I add laps for arguing she tries to negotiate by decreasing the number below where it started.

Me: Four
Tate: No
Me: Five
Tate: Three
Me: Tate…
Tate: Three
Me: Six
Tate: Three
Me: Seven
Tate: Th..r….ee (now rolling around on the floor)
Me: Tate, at this rate, you’ll still be running when grandma and grandpa get here….
Tate: Okay, I’ll run three
Me: Eight
Tate (while stomping): mutter, mutter, mutter

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