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Kelty has been waiting for this for a long time. This is going to be an interesting season with actual games, unlike baseball. The first game is in a couple of weeks and they don’t have any organization yet. This is going to be fun.


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Be Positive

How-to-Be-Positive-During-Tough-Times: Personal Finance News from Yahoo Finance
There are two kinds of complaints. There’s a chronic, mindless complaining which is just venting and complaining, where you just feel helpless, you feel powerless. No. 2 is because it’s becoming a habit. You’re just so used to doing it.

On the other hand, a justified complaint says: Here’s what I don’t like, here’s what I don’t want, here’s what’s wrong. But here’s what I think we should do about it. It’s all about intent. If you care about the organization and you want something better for everyone, then it’s a positive complaint. If it’s all about your own ego, then you’re not interested in serving the team.

Complaint is good, as long as it’s intentional, and well-directed.  Note to myself, it’s OK to complain more.

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