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Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now is not the time to be invested in US equities.  Nor is next month.  Where to put your assets?  Here’s one choice:


Think of it as a mutual fund that goes UP 2% every time the Dow goes DOWN 1%.  Today, the DJIA was down 370 or so, nearly 3%.  RYCWX was up 5.5%.

You can also consider investing in Chinese market indices, commodities (try FDFAX) or metals (try silver or gold, via stocks like GG or CDE)

Just my two cents.  Soon to be one euro cent.


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I make it no secret that I believe PowerPoint to be evil.  Bane-of-existence evil.  Singlehandedly responsible for bad presentations evil.

Merlin Mann gets it.  Want good presentations?  Read Seth Godin.  Read Guy Kawasaki.  But start with this post

How I made my presentations a little better | 43 Folders
You know how Stephen Colbert does “The Wørd?” He directly addresses the audience while “slides” appear next to his head acting as a kind of Greek chorus. He not only doesn’t acknowledge the slides — they often contradict exactly what he is saying. (This is what makes this — as we say in the business — “funny”)

I’m not suggesting your slides should undermine you, but consider sometimes showing images and text that make an orthogonal point to what you’re saying aloud to the audience at that moment. Let them discover the point (or the joke) without you leaning on it.

Let the slide serve your message, rather than letting you (and your personality and timing) be governed by the slide. That’s ‘death,’ and that’s “The Wørd.”

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Man, I wish someone had explained it to me like this about ten years ago.  This makes so much sense, it’s a wonder I haven’t seen it before.
Coding Horror: A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins
I wonder if this means that I’m a product of “new math” education…

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