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Why You Don’t Want an iPhone — Yet
I’m so glad someone said it.

My employer is willing to buy me a Blackjack.  Based on Jeff’s comments, I just might be willing to get one.  That’ll “break me in” in advance of my iPhone next year.

Thanks, Jeff.


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Coding Horror: In Programming, One Is The Loneliest Number
“No one ever said on their deathbed, ‘Gee, I wish I had spent more time alone with my computer.'”

Right said.  So why do I spend so much time doing it?

Memo to self:  spend more time off the computer.  Or with other people on the computer.  Either one works for me.

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Snow Dog


Originally uploaded by SWD Ranch

Testing out some more capabilities of the WordPress API.

Posting of photos directly from flickr now works, apparently.

Say hello to my standard poodle, Jock. He’s (going to be) my hunting companion. We’re now in training. He’s quite the retriever, but is VERY laid back about it. Doing well with directions, whistle training, and so on. Current tasks include lining and fetching from a pile – he’s a bit confused by that at the moment. More training, and we’ll be there. Just hope we get there before hunting season…

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