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Classically Liberal: When mass killers meet armed resistance.
I’m not minimizing it.  Really, I’m not.

We’re not getting the full story from our news media.  How many times in recent years have  mass killers been thwarted by armed resistance?  More than you probably realize.  Wouldn’t it be nice to read, more often, the phrase, “There would be no further victims that day, thanks to armed resistance”?

It’s almost as if the news media has a vested interest in publicising, even encouraging mass killings.  Like, it’s going to result in more ad revenue, or more viewers.

But then, I’m probably just being cynical.


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Al Nye The Lawyer Guy: What, exactly, is a “free range” chicken?
I really had no idea.  Here’s the punchline:  “free range” chickens have “access” to the outside of the poultry barn.  But that access is granted only at five weeks of age.  All of the food and water are inside the barn.  And the birds are slaughtered at seven weeks of age.  The result:  “Free Range” chickens never actually get around to going outside.

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