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PIMCO Bonds – IO September 2006
U.S. stocks, the present value of which represents the future value of private sector wealth creation, will stutter, perhaps stagger, as investors understand that much future wealth has been spoken for, if not already digested, by a boomer generation acting as consumers of first and last resort.

Times are changing. The next twenty years will be very interesting for the US (and the world) economy, as our population, on average, ages for the first time in recorded human history. We’re running out of workers to support the done-working crowd.

In the nearer term, the change has already begun. I attended a public school finance symposium last Friday at which the Minnesota state demographer and economist spoke about the state of the state, and the union. It’s not that it’s “not pretty”, it’s just that it’s very different from anything that has ever happened before.

In two years, we will graduate the largest senior class in our collective lifetimes. To be clear: it is next to impossible to generate a scenario in which the school-age population will increase in the next sixty years. An aging population has a lot of momentum behind it, and social norms don’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Facing smaller student populations means more competition (by the schools) for the better students. More competeition by the universities to dole out more attractive scholarships. More lucrative employment offers for college graduates. Nevertheless, the rate at which we’re churning out young workers doesn’t even come CLOSE to filling the vacancies left by the retiring boomers. Who fills those jobs? India? China? Good theory, but they’re undergoing their own economic transformations, and their own aging population, as well – but in a fashion much more accentuated than what we’re experiencing here in the states.

In 1980 there were 7.3 medical school enrollments for every 100,000 general population in the US. In 2005, that number was under 6.0. By 2020, it’s projected to be 5.0. This means two things: better prospects for bright students hoping to get into medical school, and significantly higher health care costs.

Plan ahead.


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James Tauber : Poincaré Project

Ever wanted to understand the PoincarĂ© Conjecture? Here’s your chance.

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b + f Burger Boutique

b + f Burger Boutique

Mark thinks that this would play well in the States. Right now, it appears that the only location is in Kuwait. The website doesn’t have any pictures of the restaurant, though the menu does look enticing.

Great picture of the outside here .

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In order to prove to us you are not a robot,
select the three hot people:

You’ve seen the “prove you’re not a bot by typing these obfuscated letters” challenge. That’s called a captcha. Here’s a captcha that uses pictures from HotOrNot


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Today would be a great day to quit your job.
Quit Your Job Day is a internationally recognized yearly celebration of termination. Our goal is 100%* job termination on a single day. This year Quit Your Job Day is September 18th.

This has got to be about the dumbest thing I have ever read.

Yeah, that’s the way to “stick it to the man.” We’ll all quit on the same day. I’ll go way out on a limb here and say that, if 20% of the employees at a Fortune 500 company resigned on one day, the following would be true:

  1. This 20% would be dead weight
  2. The company would be better off without them
  3. The company could replace every four exiting workers with one or two productive, new employees, who actually want to work
  4. Company profits increase

In other words, I say go for it. Good riddance. But you’re not teaching “the man” a damn thing. On the contrary, you may be instituting September 18 as the annual “Housecleaning Day.”

Good luck.

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