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First, let me start by saying that I really don’t have time to be writing this. There are still five unfinished items on the “to do” list.

Tracie left two days ago with the boys to go up to the Burlowski cabin on Vermillion. Tate is enjoying a vacation with Grandma. That leaves me at home, alone, Tuesday through Friday, when I’m leaving with Tate and Tim (Burlowski) to join the rest of the clan at the cabin for the weekend.

It would appear, in theory anyway, that I have a lot of time on my hands to get stuff done. It never seems to work out that way.

First, when Tracie is out of town, the whole world heaps pity upon me, inviting me over for supper, asking me to play cards, whatnot. They figure, I guess, that I’m lonely, and could appreciate some attention and some cooked food. They may be forgetting that I don’t get much alone time, and that I actually cook a fair percentage of our family meals. How do you turn down an invitation, though?

“I can’t come over — I’ve got to stay at home, alone.”

That just wouldn’t cut it. They’d see right through it. So off I go.

That was last night. In truth, I had a great time. I hadn’t had dinner with Tricia and Troy for some time, and having Mike and Cheryl and my daughter there was a plus, too. I don’t know if I would have seen Tate this entire week if it weren’t for the dinner invitation. And, after dinner, you have to stay and play a little XBox with your brother in law, right? Sigh.

So that’s last night. Tuesday night was a wash as well, as I had my D&D “appointment”. It wasn’t arranged to coincide with Tracie’s being out of town, that’s just when it was scheduled. So Tuesday night goes right out the window from a productivity standpoint.

And remember, of course, that I’m away from home working 11 hours or so each day.

That leaves tonight. One night to get it all done. Wash the dogs, mount a ceiling fan, pack, spread mulch, build a child’s workbench. Clean the garage, make some food, pack for the weekend. Buy 28 pounds of boneless pork country style ribs. Clean up all of the various computer parts from the MythTV that now refuses to boot, despite the introduction of a brand new motherboard.


So – what’s the approach? I blog. That’s going to help.

The hardest part of this whole process is thinking about how to explain it all to Tracie when she’s back – reviewing the list – wondering why, when she’s been gone for nearly a week, nothing got done around here. Perhaps, if I could just build this large, wooden badger…


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