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The Apologetic Coder – The Daily WTF

I know, I know, I link to this on the sidebar, but this deserves special mention. This is most definitely the ugliest, most reprehensible, awful-est hack I have ever seen. Here’s the apoligy:

/* This is bad. Reaaly bad. It’s a really, really bad hack. If you’re an employee of
* Intertrode Communication, then I’m really, really sorry that you have to maintain
* this. I was honestly planning on removing this tomorrow, but I’ve been known to
* forget things like this. It happens.
* So here’s the thing. I can’t seem to figure out why the AccountId variable isn’t
* set. I’ve looked and looked, but I gotta leave now. Anyway, I’ve found that I can
* just grab the AccountID from the debugging logs. I suppose that to fix it, you’d
* have to locate where it’s clearing out the ID.
* Again, I’m sorry.


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OpenWikiNG – OpenWiki (the) Next Generation

I’ve launched a wiki at work. I’ve wanted to do this for some time now, but have had a couple of roadblocks. Among them is working “within the system” — as I don’t own any of the resources, I can’t just make it happen by waving my finger…

I’ve found a sympathetic soul who “own” a devlopment box, and was kind enough to give me permission to install the wiki upon it. The box is visible within the intranet, but it’s got a REALLY ugly name. No matter.

What annoyed me, though, is that It’s a Windows XP box. I couldn’t find anything even remotely *nix-y around here I could get my hands on. And, there’s a definite shortage of good wikis served on Windows.

In steps OpenWiki – a really nice package. I was ready to pull the trigger, and then found….


This is a very nice package. Drop dead simple to install and configure, and extremely fast. I couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks, Mr. OpenWikiNG developer guy!

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