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That didn’t take long. Google is (rumored to be) looking at establishing their own private global network. If you’re not a Google customer, then No Google For You!

Be afraid…

And buy more Google stock…


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Imagining the Google Future – January 01, 2006

While the article doesn’t specifically attribute any of the submissions to any particular author, I have a hunch that Scenario #4 is Kurzweil. I got a bit of a chill up my spine, reading that one.

Just last night, I had in mind to tell Tracie that she ought to think of buying a few shares of Google. I envision a world in the near future in which Google is a much bigger part of all of our lives, in a good way. (I was unaware that they reported yesterday that they’d missed earnings, losing $50/share after-market…) I’m fascinated and intrigued by Google. I admire them, I love their products. I can’t see any scenario in which they lose relevance in the next five years.

But, I worry what happens if they continue to grow at this rate over the next 25 years. Too much of a good thing…

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TechCrunch » The Online Storage Gang

I’m worried about data backup. I’ve read some reviews recently that cited a 5-10 year shelf-life for CD-R and DVD-R media.

I now have over a terabyte of storage at home – though 700GB of this is TV recordings. I have perhaps 3GB of data I need to keep, 12GB of photos, 100GB of video projects, and 30GB of audio. That’s over 150GB. And it continues to grow.

How do you back this stuff up? Offsite storage is an option, but then you’ve got a few of issues: bandwidth, price, and security.

Given a 1Mb upstream connection, I’ve got 14 days’ worth of bits to move.
Do I trust my data to a third party?
What will it cost me to store this indefinitely?

My temporary solution is offsite storage: I’ve purchased an external USB HD, make monthly backups, and keep the HD offsite. It’s a hassle, and it’s expensive, but is there really an alternative?

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