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Flight Explorer

Flight Explorer is an amazing tool that gives you real-time views of US air traffic, flight status, delays, and more. Fun!


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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Sony’s DRM Rootkit, and more.

Schneier on Security: Sony’s DRM Rootkit: The Real Story

In short, it’s like this:
Sony wants to prevent you from copying its music CDs. So it sells you CDs with spyware that automatically installs on your computer to watch your actions. It further installs software (automatically) that hides the spyware so you don’t know it’s there. The downside is that other spyware can also take advantage of this cloaking, hiding its presence from you as well. In short, Sony just opened a security hole on your machine, and didn’t tell you about it.
This goes on for over a year. The antivirus companies ignore it. Microsoft ignores it. Over 500,000 computers are infected.

Do you see a problem with this? What was Sony thinking? Where will it end?

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Corn Prices

Want to know the current spot price of corn is at the Chicago Board of Trade? Look no further:

CBOT – Corn Quotes Open Auction

Why would anyone be interested in this? Well, have you ever looked into a Corn Furnace?

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Checking out digg

I’m intrigued by digg — it’s like Slashdot, but not. Certainly could contain a lot more current info, without the editors getting in the way. On the other hand, it might contain a lot more cruft to wade through…

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