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Blogger Mohammad Fadhil of Iraq weighs in with some consolation for Cindy Sheehan.



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This looks pretty easy – and 11dBi gain might be just what my WRT54G needs…

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Palisade Software (the @Risk people – a terrific risk-analysis and Monte Carlo simulation tool) have released a beta of their new Neural Networking tool.

Beta Test – Palisade Corporation

I’m always curious how companies like this can enforce the expiration of an otherwise uncrippled tool. This one expires 9/30/05. Couldn’t you install the thing on a system, set the clock back a year, and never pay? I guess they’re counting on the honesty of the users…

Whatever. Since it does intersect a bit with what I’m doing on the job these days, I’ll bite. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares with Joone.

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A Case Of You

Joni Mitchell is, at times, flawless. Heard this on the radio while I was working this morning: A Case Of You

(Listening to WUMB Folk Radio)

On another note – I heard the first two verses, Googled the title, and posted this note to the blog, before the song was finished. Gotta love technology these days.

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