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QDB: Quote Database Home

Wow. I can’t recall laughing out loud like that for quite a number of years. Quite a bit of it not appropriate for… well, anybody… but an awful lot of really great material.


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16. SMTP Authentication for Mail servers

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OpinionJournal – Extra

Jay Cost lays out a good argument. Summary: everything Hillary does is overtly political. Her moves are telegraphed, and obvious. This is what makes her a bad politician.

My question is, is that really any different (or worse) than John Kerry?

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KSL News: Clinical Trials Test Virus Against Cancer

Yes, it’s a TV News script, so it’s a bit hokey. My favorite part:

Is it possible a common virus we all get out in the environment could be directed to infect and kill only cancer cells? In fact, kill not only the original tumor cell it infects – but when that cell dies, baby viruses escape, and go after other cancer cells as well.

“baby viruses”??

News at the fourth-grade level. At least there’s some science behind it.

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